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Online Press Felt Condition Monitoring System
Online measuring of press felts helps you improve and optimize the performance of the press section. Fastpap offers a system, which automatically measures moisture content and water permeability profiles of the felts and produces a variety of reports from the collected data. 
The moisture content and water permeability profiles of the felts give valuable information on how the press section is working. Press felt conditioning, nip load profiles, felt filling and felt wear all have significant impact on these profiles. Minimizing profile variations is directly related to improved machine performance.

By measuring both moisture and permeability profiles frequently and in parallel it is possible to make proactive decisions rather than to wait for unplanned outages, runnability and quality problems.

To evaluate the maximum press fabric life, comparisons can be made through the entire life span of a press fabric as well as from one fabric change to the next. Different felts can be evaluated independently and compared for an optimum use in a certain press position.

process optimization

suitable for compact
press sections

automatic measurements
comparison of fabrics
longer felt life = less downtime
increased dewatering = higher machine speed

higher machine efficiency

higher product quality